The company and its mission

Macchiavelli S.r.l. is an Italian company that has been active in the plastics industry since 1972. Quality and innovation are the principles of the company mission and in which it invests heavily. The company’s philosophy, professional qualifications acquired, dynamism, and enthusiasm are a direct result of the new challenges it faces and have stimulated the creativity and professionalism of its in-house staff. The company’s continuous growth is the proof of its success, and the key factor in achieving this was the strategic choice it made in 2006 to develop new products in the coffee market, that is, CAPSULES. The capsules manufactured by Macchiavelli S.r.l. satisfy high technical and quality requirements:

– Optimization of packaging, validated by the major manufacturers of packaging machines.
– Optimization of hydraulics for excellent in-cup results.
– Compatible for use with the majority of coffee brewing machines.

Coffee roasters that use Macchiavelli capsules have successfully captured significant market share, subsequently making Macchiavelli a leader in the Italian market.



Macchiavelli’s intense and effective R&D activities have made it possible to produce capsules with extremely advantageous technical characteristics that are esteemed by its customers and for which international patents have been issued.
The effectiveness of the capsules’ technical characteristics enhances the quality of the coffee, infusions, or instant beverages they contain.

The quality protocol and technologies used in the production process guarantee a high level of quality uniformity of the capsules produced and give the customer maximum efficiency for the packaging and, therefore, for the product.


Macchiavelli S.r.l., in faithful adherence to a great Italian tradition, has always been a leader in industrial design, and has established a special section to provide added value to its capsules. To this end the company employs the most modern design and prototyping technologies to collaborate effectively with the most important designers in the world.



To guarantee our customers reliability, repeatability, and observance of the agreed requirements, Macchiavelli S.r.l. has implemented a Quality Management System that fulfils the requirements of standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 ( certifying body CERTIQUALITY)  and a Food Safety Management System that satisfies the requirements of standard UNI EN ISO 22000:2018 CAT. I (certifying body CERTIQUALITY).

Certification  certificazione_CQY_2015